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A modern workflow for control software

Design, deploy, and monitor device software from any laptop. Safe and performant Rust code is generated and compiled for a range of supported hardware. Software is deployed in seconds to connected devices, giving you immediate feedback with live telemetry and analysis tools.

Simulink users - check out our side-by-side comparison.

Develop control algorithms in the browser

Effortlessly combine control diagrams with Rust and Python code. Run simulations in scalable cloud infrastructure using the same code that runs on your devices. Access models anywhere for seamless team collaboration.

Streamline device management

Register any internet-enabled Linux device for secure over-the-air deployments. Instantly sync software updates. Flash embedded devices easily by connecting them to your laptop or a registered motherboard.

Analyze and iterate

Devices automatically send telemetry to the browser, facilitating swift processor-in-the-loop testing. Engineers can rapidly verify and refine algorithms for optimal performance.

Features designed for modern engineering teams

Integrate custom functionality

Pictorus allows you to easily add custom Rust code to define any behavior you want. Simply implement the required block trait, and you can then drag and drop your custom block into your diagram. You can even pull in open source Rust crates to quickly add complex functionality.

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Write custom Rust code or pull in any crate

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Directly run Python for scripting and analysis

Powerful scripting tools

Write python scripts that run directly in your browser. Use your favorite libraries like NumPy and pandas to analyze data, and then integrate outputs directly into your diagram.

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Simple source control and versioning

Create versions of your app that you can easily revert back to. You can also connect your GitHub account to Pictorus and create pull requests of generated code directly from your browser. This allows you to easily track changes in your apps and integrate them into existing CI/CD pipelines.

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